4D24TG – G-Drive

Product introduction:
1. This motor is small in size and lightweight, so it can be installed and used in a small space;
2. Tunnel structure is adopted, so that the reliability of the motor is guaranteed and the noise is effectively controlled;
3. This engine features high torque and high torque reserve;
4. PTO output torque is large, and the hydraulic pump operates safely and reliably;
5. The layout of the oil filter and diesel filter is reasonable, so it is easy to disassemble and maintain;
6. Unique oil consumption technology ensures the oil consumption rate is lower than 0.15L/KW.h;
7. International brand fuel pump is used together with low friction technology to ensure lower fuel consumption and more.
Good speed adjustment; At the same time, the motor can be equipped with Weifu electronically controlled VP rotor pump, so that the speed regulation is within 1%;
8. The temperature of engine inlet and outlet water is lower than 6 degrees, which allows customers to have better terminal matching.



NO. Items Parameters
1 Mode. 4D24TG0-4 4D24TG1-4 4D24TG2-4
2 Type In line 4 and 4 stroke,water cooled
3 Injection system Turbo
4 Combustion chamber DI/ω
5 Cylinder-Bore(mm)×Stroke(mm) 4-87×103
6 Valve per cylinder 2
7 Displacement L 2.45
8 Compression ratio 17.8:1
9 Dry weight kg 275(Include water tank and air filter)
10 Dimension(L×W×H) mm 996×524×804(Include water tank and air filter)
11 Lubrication system Pressure and splash
12 Start method Electronic start
13 Governor system E-governor
14 Fuel system VP pump
15 Oil capacity(L) 9.5L
16 Fire order 1—3—4—2
17 Crank roation CCW(face the flywheel)
18 Prime power(kW)/Speed(r/min) 36/1500 32/1500 28/1500
19 1 hour power(kW)/Speed(r/min) 39.6/1500 35.2/1500 30.8/1500
20 Min.fuel consumption(g/kW·h) ≤225 ≤230 ≤232
21 Oil consumption(g/kW·h) ≤0.4 ≤0.4 ≤0.4
22 Minimum adjustable no-load speed(r/min) N/A N/A N/A
23 Fuel type Summer:a product 0#,10#,light diesel, Winter:a product 0#,-10#-20#,-35#light diesel
24 Oil type It is recommended to use aspecial engine oil with aquality grade of CF-4
25 Speed drop    % Mechanical speed regulation:≤1
26 Therelatedspeeddroprange % ≥5.5
27 Therelatedspeedriserange % ≥2.5
28 Steady-state rate volatility% ≤1.5
29 Transient speed deviation (from calibrated speed)% 100% Reduce the power suddenly ≤+10
Increasethe power suddenly ≤-7
30 Speed recovery time s ≤3
31 Maximum allowable inlet resistance kPa 5
32 Maximum allowable exhaust pressure kPa 10
33 FSN ≤3
34 Noise limit Lp dB(A) ≤92
Remark:As technology advances,the above parameters will continue to improve the parameters of the update.