4D24TG – G-Drive

Product introduction:
1. This motor is small in size and lightweight, so that a small space can be installed and used;
2. Tunnel structure is adopted, thus ensuring durability and effectively controlling noise;
3. This engine features high torque and high torque reserve;
4. PTO output torque is large and the hydraulic pump operates safely and reliably;
5. Reasonable disassembly and ease of maintenance of the arrangement of oil filter and diesel filter;
6. unique oil consumption technology ensures oil consumption lower than 0.15L/KW.h;
7. Used with low rises of international brand fuel pump to ensure lower fuel consumption and more.
Good speed speed; At the same time, the motor can be equipped with Weifu electronically controlled VP rotor pump, so that the speed regulation is within 1%;
8. As the temperature of engine inlet and outlet water is lower than 6 degrees, this allows the data store to have better terminal matching.